technical literary

  1. relating to or situated on a river or riverbank


96th Riverine was created by a group of South Austin families in January 2018.  In searching for scouting programs, we found that the ideals and principles of our community converge with the methodology and inclusivity of the Baden-Powell Service Association.  Having grown an appreciation for the work of Maria Montessori, Powell wrote:

The key to successful education is not so much to teach the pupil as to get him to learn for himself.

Dr Montessori has proved that by encouraging a child in its natural desires, instead of instructing it in what you think it ought to do, you can educate it on a far more solid and far-reaching basis. It is only tradition and custom that ordain that education should be a labour. (Robert Baden-Powell manuscript circa 1913-14)

We encourage all families with an interest in outdoor skills and community service to please contact us. Let's have fun and grow together!