The Otters are the youngest section in our program, for children aged 5-7. The large group of Otters is called a Raft, and within it, Otter Dens. Otters go on adventures, learn useful outdoor and family skills, and participate in age-appropriate service to the community. They are crafting with their hands, working as a group, and camping together with their families. 

Otter Leaders work together with families to provide an exciting introduction to the game of scouting for our Otters. Leaders are encouraged to make, craft, and create the kind of experience that would spark Otters to stay with BPSA through their young lives. Otters earn badges, participate in ceremonies, and have a magic and lore that is exciting and dynamic. 


The Timberwolf section is open to youth of all genders, aged 8–10. The Timberwolf Section is referred to as a Pack; the smaller group is known as a Six. 

The Timberwolf program is focused on hands-on outdoor skills, meaningful community service, and the strengthening of the Pack. There is a lore and magic to the Timberwolf program that is based on The Jungle Book, as written by Robert Baden-Powell's friend, Rudyard Kipling. In The Jungle Book, the human child Mowgli is raised in a pack of wolves, and taught The Laws of the Jungle by a series of animals. So, too, the Timberwolf in their Pack will learn the laws of the jungle and the power of community. 


The Pathfinder section is open to youth of all genders aged 11-17. The Pathfinder Troop is made up of Patrols of 6 to 8 members, led by a (youth) Patrol Leader who shares responsibility with an adult Rover leader for planning adventures, trips, service, and projects.

The Pathfinder program is designed to empower and embolden our scouts, encouraging them to plan and implement their own projects, adventures, service, and skills. Adult leaders do not plan these meetings; they are merely offering supervision, transport, and making connections in the community when needed. This goes back to B-P's original scouting program, and what he called "The Patrol Method," as outlined in his book, Scouting for Boys.  

When a Pathfinder turns 18, they are encouraged to continue their Scouting career by becoming Rover Scouts.


All adult leaders must register as Rovers, and undergo an annual independent federal background check. Any adult who wishes to volunteer with the group, but not join as a leader/Rover, must also undergo a background check. 

Rovers are the senior branch of BPSA scouting, intended for adults (18+) of all genders. As Robert Baden-Powell originally intended, there is no upper age limit, so anyone 18+ may join. Rovers are organized into self-governing crews as part of an overall scout group, either one that is based locally in the Rover’s hometown, or the nationwide 1st Lone Scouts group under the direction of Scott Moore. The Rover motto is simply “Service,” and it is put into practice both in the group and the community. All BPSA section leaders are required to be registered as Rovers to provide them with a more solid background in Scouting.